Spiritual Journeys In A High Tech World

Finding God in Silicon Valley—Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World and its accompanying Study Guide and Workbook are available.

After living in Silicon Valley for over 40 years, Skip was inspired to write these books after a discussion with fellow alumni at a Harvard reunion. He read a book called Finding God at Harvard by Kelly Monroe (now Kelly Monroe Kullberg). One of Monroe’s goals in writing that book was to show that one can be both intelligent and a committed believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

Although Silicon Valley is often characterized as a place of high technology, materialism, and secular values, it is also a place where God is at work in the lives of many people.  Through his and book, Skip tells those stories.


Fame, fortune, and success are words that are synonymous with the best and brightest in Silicon Valley. In Finding God in Silicon Valley, Skip Vaccarello brings compelling stories of faith from some of the most successful leaders in the Valley that will truly inspire you. You will read how these leaders have gone from success to significance and found true meaning and purpose in their lives. For those curious about faith, I highly recommend that you read Finding God in Silicon Valley. It could change your life!
~ Brent Jones, former SF 49er and Managing Director, Northgate Capital

Watching Skip do his work is viewing Silicon Valley culture to the core. Have a conviction, take a stand, gather facts, obtain feedback, and then build, build, build. Writing is how Skip builds. His output is called Finding God in Silicon Valley, but his life is about finding people in Silicon Valley who have faith as a key element of their life. In Finding God in Silicon Valley, you will meet some great folks of faith.
~ Kevin Compton, founder Radar Partners, a venture capital firm

Skip Vaccarello has a passion for Silicon Valley, and a passion for God, and a deeply-rooted hunger to find the presence of the sacred in the work of creativity and innovation. If the finding of gold in this area was a game-changer 150 years ago, the finding of God in this area has even greater potential for impact. Skip has been doing spiritual detective work, and the results are inspiring and encouraging. Read it, and you may even find faith growing in yourself.
~ John Ortberg, Author, and former Senior Pastor, Menlo Church

Skip has skillfully woven together the captivating stories of influential men and women of the Silicon Valley, a place where you might not expect to find such vibrant followers of Christ. This is an encouraging read that I will be recommending to all my friends and people in my ministry. The message of Christ is alive and well and manifest in the lives of some of the most successful, influential, intelligent people in the world.
~ Chuck Bryant, CEO and Board Chair, Pinnacle Forum America, Inc.


Genuine integrity is the seamless integration of faith, family, and profession into a God-honoring life message. Skip Vaccarello gives us amazing life stories from kings of high-tech for whom God was the “secret sauce” leading them to true success in the midst of high-flying tech booms and, in some cases, from the depths of pain. This is a must read for business leaders, and beyond—soak it in, learn, and be inspired!
~ Bob Dees, Major General, U.S. Army, Retired

Some people can be winning in one, two, or three aspects of their lives, but to have a truly balanced and successful life requires a strong foundation… a foundation of faith. Skip’s book reveals the “real stories” behind successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and leaders… what makes them tick and how putting their faith first has positively impacted their business, relationships, and their lives. If you are looking for inspiration and finding out what it takes to live a truly purpose-driven life, this book and these stories could change your life forever.
~ Tom Tognoli, former CEO, Intero Real Estate, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and 1Flourish Partner

There is nothing more powerful than telling a “story.” Within the stories of these Silicon Valley global entrepreneurs and thought leaders are authentic experiences of God that withstand negative stereotypes, test the mind, and open one’s heart to the exciting and improbable—a real encounter with God!
~ Pastor Hurmon Hamilton, New Beginnings Community Church

What’s the point of Skip Vaccarello’s new book and ongoing blog? To remind us that God is near and ready to be found by those who are seeking Him, even in one of the most competitive, egocentric, and hard-driving business climates in the world. The common assumption that there is no place for God in Silicon Valley is turned upside down by the remarkable stories of talented men and women who have discovered the centrality and relevance of faith in the San Francisco Bay Area. Finding God in Silicon Valley prompts us to ask an important question: How can I find God in my own circumstances?
~ Mary Schaller, former President, Q Place

These stories breathe humanity, wisdom, ethics, and even joy into a technological age in search of truth. A treasure of insight into what matters, and why.
~ Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Finding God at Harvard, The Veritas Forum

In a thought-provoking manner, Skip provides a collection of amazing stories of leaders who have found God in Silicon Valley. Who would have thought in what externally might be considered as one of the most influential but anti-God places on earth, you’d hear of the vibrant, life-changing impact of God?
~ Pat Gelsinger – Intel CEO

This book will move you and allow you to see God making incredible plays in Silicon Valley through His grace!
~ Ronnie Lott, former All-Pro SF 49er

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are the epitome of the new economy, mixing innovative technology, new business models and risk taking that is envied around the world. Hard science is generally accepted as the only truth in the Valley; what cannot be proven by a formula or physically demonstration is discarded as folly. Further, entrepreneurs from around the globe pilgrimage to the Valley’s technology stage to compete against the world’s best; self-confidence reigns even though many of their peers have previously failed. And these pilgrims bring their own core values, belief system and religion. It is against this crosscurrent backdrop that Skip Vaccarello has uncovered remarkable personal journeys in faith.

While Silicon Valley Christians rarely use megaphones about their beliefs, their global contributions are significant and, rest assured, this book’s stories are about dedicated individuals who struggle with life’s challenges but have found that their fundamental belief in the Bible’s foundation is their only enduring and true guiding light.
~ David Lane, founding managing director, Diamondhead Ventures

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