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“Who Do You Want to Become,” will be available in the next few days. The   series offers an alternative to New Year’s resolutions, which are often never achieved. Instead, the series offers insights and practical steps to help you identify and determine the legacy you want to achieve. Each podcast is less than 12 minutes long but contains helpful information.

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Episode 7 - Final Thoughts

Episode 6 - Spiritual Disciplines

Episode 5 - Know Jesus Better

Episode 4 - Goals

Episode 3 - Core Values

Episode 2 - Mission

Episode 1 - Vision

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  • "Character Matters". Released: 2024.

A Message on Heaven

I am an author, public speaker, business advisor, and a partner in 1Flourish Capital, a faith-based venture capital firm.

My career includes serving as President and CEO of Applied Weather Technology, a global company providing software and services to the maritime industry. My other experience includes CEO of Communications Solutions, Inc., division general manager of 3Com, and co-founder and CEO of The Saratoga Group. I also served as the VP of Operations with VisiCorp, the provider of the industry’s first spreadsheet, VisiCalc.

I have helped lead my companies through five successful acquisitions, and have worked as a consultant with a boutique investment banking firm.

I earned an A.B. in economics from Harvard College and an MBA from Boston University.

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